About us

I help founders succeed | CFOTech Investor | Advisor | Entrepreneur

I am passionate about winning (or helping others to win), scaling businesses and establishing strategic partnerships. I really like to combine things, for example on one side I love to travel and on the other side I love to make things easier for others by sharing what I have learned from my experiences.

I have been working for over 20 years in the area of finance transformation software (CFOTech).
My career started as a corporate performance management (CPM) consultant for the fortune 500 type customers. I continued in a sales (management) role, selling 3rd party CFOTech products like Oracle Hyperion. After 6 years of implementing, advising and selling products to the CFO, Me and 2 of my colleagues decided to build our own CFOTech company and founded CXO Software, the first CFO focused performance reporting solution.

After an amazing 11 year journey where we onboarded customers like Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Experian and Facebook we successfully landed CXO at insightsoftware, a TA associates backed merger of other great CFOTech companies like E4A, Hubble and Spreadsheet Server. After the merger I took the challenge to head the M&A function of insightsoftware with the objective to keep growing the insightsoftware product portfolio with the best CFOTech products out in the market.

Today I am using my deep understanding of the CFOTech industry:

– to support the next generation of founders,
– to drive innovation,
– to support other investors (VC/PE) in making the right CFOTech investment decisions
– and change the way the CFO office drives value for every business

The combination of my technology and sales leadership skills allow me to quickly build products that customers need and successfully bring this product to market.

I am currently doing at IESE one of the world’s most prestigious MBA’s in the world.

Seemingly impossible missions challenge me to maximize my capabilities, as I feel the urge to outperform myself and push through. This MBA study is challenging me in the same way, and I am really looking forward to developing myself all the way, from start to finish.